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If you have a website, you can recommend Bronze Disc Copy at your site and earn 30% commission from every Bronze Disc Copy purchase generated from your site. All you need to start is sign up as an affiliate (it's free) and place a special link at your site.

How to make your special links

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*Replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID, which you receive when you sign up.

How this works

Bronze Disc Copy is sold via RegNow.com. You place a special link at your site. When someone clicks the link, RegNow server sets a "cookie" on that user's computer which will indicate you as originator of this download or site visit. When later (after minutes, hours, days, months or even years) the user chooses to purchase Bronze Disc Copy, RegNow server will read the cookie and place your 30% into your affiliate account. Then your earnings will be sent to you as a check, direct deposit or wire transfer.

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You can get information about Bronze Disc Copy from PAD file:


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